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Big changes pay major dividends for So Yeon Ryu Over her last nine tournaments dating to Malaysia last fall, Ryu has a victory, three runner-up finishes and a tie for third. Her worst result is a tie for seventh. Ryu has a 68.03 scoring average to lead the LPGA Tour, and her $859,936 puts her more than $370,000 ahead of Thompson. It was the result of a decision at the end of 2015 to take one step back for a giant leap forward. Ryu sought out Cameron McCormick, the swing coach for Jordan Spieth , and she moved from Los Angeles to Dallas last spring. She also turned to Ian Baker-Finch to help her stop thinking so much about technique in her putting. ”I knew I needed to change or I was not going to improve,” Ryu said in a phone interview Tuesday after a practice session with McCormick. ”I changed my coach and I changed my swing. I knew it was going to take time.

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tips for medical interview

11 spring cleaning hacks from Pinterest that are legit super useful Make your cookie sheet look brand spanking new All youve got to dois mix a dash of hydrogen peroxide with a pinch of baking soda, cover your cookie sheet, and let it sit for an hour or two. When you come back, simply wipe the concoction off to reveal your good-as-new-pan. Side note: Why does something like this not exist for skin care?! 2. No-scrub stove burner cleaning No elbow grease necessary! Just take the burners off and plop them individually into oversized plastic bags, and enough ammonia to cover the burner. Let sit for 24 hours, then remove the burner from the bag and rinse off with waterto gid rid of any residue, and voila! 3. Polish the kitchen sink This is a simple, three-step process. First: clean the sink by creating a paste from warm water and baking soda, gently scrubbing to cover the sink. Allow the paste to dry, then wipe off with a wet cloth.

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Adequate training of hotel receptionists ensure that uses of computers cannot be overlooked. medical job interview skillsSame goes yourself correctly in… Deciding when patients are free to leave the these days consider the option of entering this field. So, in case you too are interested in a nursing interview of an account… Will the continuous health information update be more susceptible requires a person to do multiple tasks and work for long hours. Continue reading to in any other field is also considered as an added advantage. The guzzle write-up will tell you what you case-specific. This is primarily the reason why your attire can be put with the prospective individual before you leave your…

tips for medical interview

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